Myki Travel Card

Myki is your ticket to travel on Melbourne's trains, trams and buses, V/Line commuter train services and buses in Seymour, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, the Latrobe Valley and Warragul.

Sport Lived will provide you on arrival with a myki card with enough credit to last you at least 28 days.

The reusable smart card is easy to use. Simply ensure you have credit before your journey and touch on and off at a myki reader as you travel. When travelling entirely in the Free Tram Zone, you don't need to touch on or carry a myki card.

You can top up your myki at over 800 retailers including all 7-Eleven stores, the ticket office window at Premium stations and staffed myki enabled V/Line stations, from a myki machine located at all train stations and major tram and bus interchanges, on the myki website at topping-up-your-myki and by calling 1800 800 007.

Customers are advised to only purchase myki cards from authorised outlets.

myki money

With myki money, you ‘pay as you go’. Simply top up with myki money to access 2 hour and Daily fares. Your myki will automatically calculate the lowest fare possible according to the zones you travel within as you touch on and touch off.

Current maximum daily rate is $9.20

myki pass

If you travel every day, myki pass may be best for you. You can travel as many times as you like in your chosen zone/s, just choose the number of consecutive myki pass days you need and the zone/s you’ll be travelling in.

You can buy a 7-day myki pass, or anywhere between 28 and 365 myki pass days. Once you have touched on to activate your myki pass, your myki pass days will run consecutively, even on days you do not travel. For example, a seven-day myki pass activated on Monday is valid for travel until it expires at 3am on the following Monday.

When you travel outside of the zone/s your myki pass is valid in, your myki card will automatically use myki money to pay for the zones not covered by your myki pass. Just top up your myki card with enough myki money to pay for this trip and you’re always ready to travel.

Weekly rate of a 7 day pass for Zone 1 & 2 is $46.00

Daily rate of a 28-365 days pass for Zones 1 & 2 is $5.52

Compare myki money to myki pass at myki pass - myki money

Register your myki

We highly recommend you register your Myki card at register

Benefits of registering your myki include balance protection in the event your card is lost or stolen

While you can use a myki bought at a retail outlet or a myki machine immediately, you must allow at least 24 hours before you can register it online. If you cannot register your card after 24 hours have passed, please call 1800 800 00. Registered customers can also use the myki website to manage their account.

Unregistered myki cards that have been lost or stolen cannot be replaced. You will need to purchase a new myki card to travel.

Under 19s concessions

Children aged between 5 and 18 (under 19) can travel on a concession fare with a Child myki. A child fare is 50 per cent of a full fare

Customers aged 17 and 18 must carry government issued proof of age ID (such as a passport, drivers licence,proof of age card), or proof of another concession entitlement (such as a PTV School Student ID or Health Care Card).