Our Story

In 2002 I spent six months playing cricket in South Africa. Those 26 weeks remain the most amazing experience of my life so far! I got to play my favourite sport in a fantastic country where I enjoyed great weather, beautiful beaches and an extremely warm welcome. When I wasn’t playing and training, I travelled all over the country and at the end of the season I did an overland tour from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Nairobi in Kenya. During my six-month adventure, I not only improved my cricket beyond belief but I also trekked to see the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, lounge on the stunning palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar and saw a side of the world that changed my life forever.

When I returned from South Africa, I was inspired by my recent adventure, so I set up Sport Lived to help other people have the same kind of amazing, life changing experience. I honestly believe that travelling overseas to play and coach sport is one the best things you’ll ever do.

We offer sporting programmes in three fabulous southern hemisphere destinations. In each country, we’ve handpicked the best sports clubs, schools and accommodation providers. I know they’re the best, because in most cases I’ve been out there and chosen them myself! We’ve got permanent staff in each of our cities so you can be rest assured that your trip will be well organised and that if you have a problem someone will be there to help any time of the day or night. I hope our website will inspire you to get out there, see the world through sport and have some fun!

Ian Dodd
Founder of Sport Lived