Code of Conduct

As a participant on a Sport Lived programme you are acting as our ambassador. With this in mind and also for the health, safety and wellbeing for all concerned we have drawn up the following rules of conduct to which you must adhere. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disciplinary action and ultimately eviction as outlined in this document. It is the Sport Lived policy that parents/ guardians of any participant under the age of 21 will be informed if disciplinary measures are introduced.

We want you to have a fantastic time and in order to achieve this cooperation from everyone is essential. One person’s thoughtlessness can severely impact the enjoyment of other participants. If you do have any concerns about the behaviour of any fellow participants initially you should try and resolve the matter informally as often misunderstandings arise due to poor communication. Please contact your mentor, if you are unable to resolve the situation in this manner.


1. You must adhere to the rules and regulations of the accommodation provider.


1. All participants must treat the accommodation providers, other guests, fellow participants, club members and individuals involved with your coaching placement with respect at all times.
2. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances
3. Participants are expected to keep noise to a reasonable level, especially late at night.

Room maintenance

1. It is your responsibility to keep your room reasonably tidy at all times
2. Shared room participants in particular are required to respect their room mates right to live in a clutter free environment
3. You must not keep your room in a condition that causes a fire or health hazard
4. It is your responsibility to report any breakages or damage to Sport Lived in writing at the earliest possible opportunity
5. Used dishes and cutlery must be returned to the kitchen area immediately
6. You may not have overnight guests

Common areas

1. Communal areas such as the kitchen, living area and bathroom are the joint responsibility of all tenants and should be kept clean and tidy.
2. You should wipe down all work surfaces after using them and clean up any spillages immediately.
3. You should not leave any non essential items in communal areas. (Essential is defined as toothbrush, shampoo etc.)

Using the premises

1. Under no circumstances may you go into someone else’s room without their permission
2. You are not allowed to alter or redecorate any part of the premises
3. Each tenant shares responsibility for their accommodation and communal areas. Individuals accept responsibility for their bedrooms. Deductions for damages will be made from the bond of all tenants unless an admittance of responsibility is made
4. Drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed on the premises
5. Under no circumstances may you have a party in your premises

Disciplinary Action

For breeches of this code of conduct the following sanctions or penalties will apply. Parents of participants under the age of 21 will be informed of all disciplinary actions.

Sport Lived will take disciplinary action against any behaviour or action which damages our reputation

1. Verbal Warning
2. Written Warning
3. Final Written Warning
4. A notice to quit will be issued

It is not necessary for us to carry out every stage of this procedure. In serious cases Sport Lived reserve the right to issue a notice to quit without previous warnings. In criminal cases we will report matters to the police.

In cases of eviction Sport Lived will not refund the participant for any part of their programme. Sport Lived signs tenancy agreements which require us to continue payments on unoccupied rooms.

Most accommodation providers may have their own set of house rules which you will also have to accept. This is no way detracts from your responsibilities to Sport Lived and the rules set out in this document.

Bond Refund

Upon departure from your accommodation an inspection will take place. All items provided at the start of your programme will be expected to be present and in the same condition as at the outset (subject to reasonable wear and tear). The cost of any damage caused to the accommodation will be required to be made good, initially through redemption of the damage bond and any additional expense will be claimed from participants.

Early Departure

Sport Lived regrets that it cannot refund any costs of the programme should participants choose to leave early*.
*bar the bond if no damage has been caused upon inspection