Australia is just made for swimming, dive in

From Ian Thorpe to Emma McKeon – if there’s one country we associate with great swimming, it’s Australia. With an incredible track record of international success, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class coaching, Australia is a true powerhouse of the sport. Melbourne is home to great aquatic centres and numerous indoor and outdoor Olympic-size pools. There’s nowhere better to go all out for a new PB or coach Australia’s swimmers of the future than in Melbourne’s glorious sunshine.

Mini Season in Australia

Get a taste of Aussie life with our Mini Season swimming programme. Spend part of the season with a local swimming club.

Full Season in Australia

Get the full, undiluted Aussie swimming experience! Compete, train and party all season long with a local swimming club.

Coach in Australia

A great chance to pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm to junior swimmers in Australia. You'll earn money and gain loads of experience working with a squad of mini Aussies.

Dive into your ultimate swimming gap year

Our swimming programmes in Australia give you a fantastic opportunity to join one of Melbourne’s leading clubs or teach the next generation of Aussie stars at a top aquatic centre. You’ll get a taste of the country’s passion for the sport in this amazing waterfront city where swimming is a genuine part of everyday life. It’s a unique opportunity that will challenge you, inspire you, and give you unforgettable memories for the future.

Enhance your career

Whether you’re hoping to pursue a career in sport or just following your passion for swimming, a Sport Lived programme in Australia will give you valuable experience for the future. The teamwork, commitment and determination that you develop coaching or training alongside some of Melbourne’s leading swimmers will be a valuable addition to your CV.

  • Add an extra dimension to your CV
  • Immerse yourself in a brand-new culture
  • Build valuable skills for your future
  • Challenge yourself with new experiences

Handpicked clubs.
Unique programmes.

An unmatched sporting experience awaits.

Develop your passion for sport overseas

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we offer trips that no one else can match. We handpick the best club for you based on your playing career to date and the type of programme you’re looking to undertake.

Handpicked clubs. Exceptional programmes.
Discover your unique sporting adventure.