Cookie policy

Cookies are small files used by websites to store basic information about site visitors and their interactions on a website. Cookies are stored on a hardrive and allow a website to recognise your computer when you revisit or browse between pages.

Many sites use cookies and these cannot harm your computer or computer files.

Sport Lived use these cookies for internal purposes in order to track user interactions with the website. This data is then used to;

  • Facilitate users abilities to navigate around the site.
  • Compile statistical reports for the evaluation of website use.
  • Personalise the site through an understanding of user preferences and relevancy.

We do not track use of the internet after you leave the website nor will we pass on any cookie derived data to third parties.

Sport Lived use two types of cookies on the Website;

Session cookies - Temporary cookies used until you leave the website

Persistent cookies - These remain in the cookie file of your browser for a longer period of time

Cookie-derived information is anonymous and represents a computer rather than a person. You cannot be personally identified from it and we use it solely on an anonymous, aggregated basis.

By using this site with cookies enabled, you are agreeing for us to store information about your visit using cookies.

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