Getting a phone

Getting a Mobile Phone/SIM Card

There are a couple of options with regards to organising a mobile phone to use in Australia.

If you intend to use your current phone in Australia you must ensure it is unlocked before you travel; or you can purchase an unlocked mobile phone prior to departure from any retailer.

With an unlocked phone you can then buy a SIM card for your phone upon arrival in Australia. This is usually the cheapest option. It is often called a BYO Phone Plan.

Alternatively when you arrive in Australia you can purchase a starter kit containing a phone and a pre-pay SIM card.

Most people opt for a Pre-Pay mobile phone plan. Calls are more expensive than with contracts but there are no connection fees or line-rental charges. You can buy top up cards at convenience stores and newsagents.

Popular networks in Australia are:


There are Optus and Telstra shops at Melbourne Airport which often have special deals available.

When you have organised a mobile phone in Australia please ensure that you give your number to your Coordinator so that we can contact you.