You will be staying in our Homestay accommodation. All Homestay families are carefully selected for their friendly, helpful attitudes and comfortable homes. They will live close to your sports clubs making it very easy for you to travel to all your sessions.

Rooms for Sport Lived Customers

You will be provided with:

  • Your own private room in the family home
  • Suitable storage facilities for clothes and personal effects
  • Free access to internet (some limits may apply)
  • Access to a landline telephone (free local calls only) or equivalent
  • Breakfast and evening meals provided for 7 days
  • Weekend meals to be agreed on arrival
  • Towels and bedding
  • Access to eating and cooking utensils
  • Access to bathroom facilities
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Heater available if required

Your responsibilities

  • Weekday lunches and snacks (including buying food to eat in the homestay)
  • Be respectful of your host’s home and contents
  • Inform your host promptly of any damages incurred
  • Follow any house rules, including curfews, which the Homestay family may have
  • To remove all your belongings at the end of the Homestay; leave your room as it was on your arrival and return your keys

The surrounding area

Your Homestay family will provide a general orientation of the local area and facilities available.

They will also show you how to travel to and from your sports club and academy by public transport.

Homestay Allocation

Adults in the homestay family will have completed any required police checks in their city.