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The Sport Lived Cricket Academy

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The Sport Lived cricket academy was a tireless, and enthralling journey which was a combination of both the life of an athlete and a lot fun. In my personal experience, we were able to train at a gym where the young and upcoming Richmond Football Club trained (Professional Aussie Rules Club). We had two experienced personal trainers, who it’s fair to say put us through our paces. The gym itself had an altitude chamber and for those who don’t know, that’s hard. Also, it was nice to be able to use the ice baths which cooled us down at the end of our work outs.

The coaching aspect of the academy was again just as good. We trained in the Icon arena that was huge, enormous and full of different things to do which were not all cricket related. Our coach Keith Jansz who is an Australian level 3 coach, which is the equivalent of ECB level 4, was magnificent. He taught me so many different things; he was also the humblest man. All I can say is if you get him you should be very happy and excited. He is a great human and a wonderful mentor. The coaching took place twice a week and was both two-hour sessions of non-stop, high standard cricket. Keith taught us both match situations play and the technical side of the game. My cricket has 100% improved.

The final part of our academy was a mixture of different things. One of these was getting to meet a nutritionist who helped us understand the positives and negatives. Also, we got to eat pancakes… not bad. Another part to this was getting a professional insight where we were able to go into Richmond Football Club to watch them train and see where they train, that was fascinating and also these guys are freaks of nature, you can see why with how hard they work. Great experience which is one I won’t see again.

A massive thank you to Jessie McCartney who made this all possible, and got us great coaching and facilities as well. True champion, and all who do Sport Lived this year will understand what a great man he is for helping so much behind the scenes. Thank you, Sport Lived Academy, and the coaches.

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