Sport Lived couple tie the knot

Words Tom Swainston and Helen Daffern

In 2007 Helen and Tom hopped onto a plane and headed to Australia on their Sport Lived programme; little did they know the experience would be life changing. Nine years later we caught up with the newly-weds to chat about all things Sport Lived and married life.

What initially attracted you to the Sport Lived Programme?

Helen: I wanted to do some travelling and loved playing sport at school so it was the best of both.

Tom: Similar to Helen. I had always loved rugby and wanted to test myself against Australians.

What programmes did you undertake?

Helen: We both went out for a full season playing programme. I was playing Netball and Tom was playing rugby.

Other than meeting your other half, what is your fondest memory of your Sport Lived programme?

Helen: Being able to see Australia and travel around some beautiful places.

Tom: Meeting some great people and developing my rugby skills.

How did you meet?

We were all accommodated together and spent lots of time together during our time in Oz.

Did you hit it off from the beginning?

Yes, once we got to know each other.

What happened on your return?

Helen: We both went off to different universities, me in Oxford and Tom in Leeds. We continued to play sport at Uni and then we moved in together in 2013 in Oxford.

Do you still play Netball/Rugby?

Helen: Yes, we do. I play netball for Abingdon Centre Netball Club.

Tom: I Play Rugby for Wallingford Rugby Club.

Have you been back to Australia since?

No we haven’t but would like to in the future.

What are your plans for the future?

Enjoy being married and living in our new home.


We would like to thank Helen and Tom for taking time out of their busy Newly-wed schedule to chat to us and we wish them all the best for the future.

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