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Top Tries

• Posted in Misc. / Rugby Union / Videos • By JoeBaker

To celebrate the new Aviva Premiership campaign that kicked off this weekend, here is a video compilation of some of the very best tries from last season! 

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Wimbledon, it's back...

• Posted in Tennis / Videos • By JoeBaker

The greatest tennis tournament in the world is finally here. In order to celebrate this historic Grand Slam, here is a video of what makes Wimbledon so special. Enjoy!

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Hockey Academy Brisbane 2013

• Posted in Australia / Hockey / Videos • By jackmcc

Check out this video of three of our current Hockey Academy players in Brisbane, who have provided some invaluable information about this wonderful hockey programme in Australia!

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Jaw Dropping Hockey

• Posted in Hockey / Videos • By JoeBaker

Ever witnessed something in sport that leaves you speechless? See if you can find the words to describe these sensational hockey skills…

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Commentating Gaffs

• Posted in Videos • By JoeBaker

Television coverage has become an integral part of sport.  Yet sometimes those commentating and analyzing a match can have moments they would simply rather forget.  Have a look at our compilation of some hilarious sporting commentary clangers!

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Shocking Shots

• Posted in Gap Year / Tennis / Videos • By JoeBaker

We naturally prefer to eulogize about brilliant shots and moments of class in tennis, so we thought it would be a better idea to put together some examples of some shocking shots and moments that those involved would want to quickly forget…

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Speed Demons

• Posted in Videos • By jackmcc

Check out our video “Speed Demons” to see a few exceptionally fast sports players who would even give the great Usain Bolt a run for his money!

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Refereeing Clangers

• Posted in Football / Videos • By JoeBaker

Check out our 'Refereeing Clangers' video and enjoy some hilarious mistakes made by officials. 

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