Rugby Union: Play the season in Australia


If you’re mad about rugby, why not go to rugby mad Oz? With our Play the Season programme you’ll play, train and party all season long with an Aussie rugby club. Plus, you’ll enjoy shared accommodation at the heart of a great city and make friends for life along the way.

Recommended for:

  • Living like an Aussie, all season long
  • Improving your game in a club environment
  • Exploring Oz with your new mates
  • Boosting your CV with a part-time job

At a glance:

  • Hand-picked Aussie rugby club
  • Regular matches, training & social events
  • Shared accommodation
  • Staff support throughout your stay

Sporting adventures

The Season allows you to spend 6 months living, working and playing rugby in Australia.  You’ll have loads of time to make strong friendships and become fully integrated into Aussie life. 

You will be located in the amazing city of Melbourne where you’ll be placed with a rugby club that suits your sporting ability and personality!  Our centrally located accommodation puts you at the heart of the city, so get ready to enjoy the freedom and excitement of life in Australia with a group of new mates.

Playing Rugby in Australia

We have links with a wide range of fantastic Australian rugby clubs who’ll welcome you as a new member. Get ready for plenty of banter - the Aussies love to have a laugh with their new Pommy team mates!

Club structure

Australian rugby clubs have lots of teams. You can expect:

  • 5-7 senior men's teams
  • 2-3 women's teams
  • 3-4 Colts teams (U20 in Melbourne)
  • Active junior sections

Top teams play in the highest state leagues, giving you the chance to play and train alongside Super Rugby players.

Matches and training

You’ll train 2-3 times a week with matches played at the weekends. Most Sport Lived participants play Colts rugby in Australia. The Colts competition is very strong and taken seriously by clubs. Youngsters at Australian international level and Super Rugby academy members usually play First Grade Colts rugby so, if you’re an elite player, you’ll have the chance to compete at a very high level. The senior and Colts sections also have lower level teams, so don’t panic if you’re not planning a career in rugby, our clubs cater for players of all abilities. Additional gym and fitness sessions during the week are optional and your club might also offer a gym pass as a perk of membership.

Off the pitch

With so many members, your club will be a hive of social activity. There’ll be drinks after training and matches plus social events throughout the season - new players’ night, pub crawls and an end-of-season dinner. Some clubs also arrange pre-season tours - a great chance to get to know your teammates whilst exploring a new part of Oz.

Rugby development

Our clubs are selected for their quality coaching and facilities, helping you to return home as a much-improved player. If your performances are noted, you could also find yourself selected for a State representative squad – highly prestigious!

…and finally

What are you waiting for? Get out there and show the Aussies how it’s done!

Working Overseas

You’ll have plenty of spare time between training and competing if you’d like to get a job.  As well as enhancing your CV and boosting your bank balance, working overseas will help you meet new people and provide more structure to your time away.

Top tips for getting work:

  • Plan the type of work you'd like to obtain
  • Try to gain relevant work experience
  • Prepare a CV and have two references
  • Be proactive & persistent in job hunting

Employment options:

  • Café/bar work: sociable environment
  • Office work: good rates of pay
  • Coaching: fulfilling and well paid
  • Work experience: boost your CV

Working in Australia

You’ll be living close to lots of employment options like offices, shops, bars and restaurants. Contacts at your sport club might also help you to find coaching work.

In addition, your mentor will provide guidance on working in Australia but you should ensure you’re well prepared as the job market can be as competitive as the sports arena!

Social Life

Making the most of your time away

Travelling to the other side of the world to play sport is a truly once in a lifetime experience. So all Sport Lived programmes are designed to make sure that both your sporting life, and your social life, are as action packed and exciting as possible. That’s why you’ll always get…

Social events with Sport Lived

The cities you can visit with Sport Lived are some of the most exciting and welcoming on the planet, and there always seems to be something interesting going on. So to help you make the most of your time away, our local staff organise social events like trips to top sporting occasions, surfing lessons, welcome dinners and loads more besides. They’ll also try to assist you get tickets to events you want to watch while you're away, and give you expert advice on the best things to see and do in the city.

Membership of a local sports club

One of the best things about travelling with Sport Lived is that we arrange for you to join a local sports club. We handpick clubs with lots of members and different teams - some of whom have regular social events. Some clubs may offer preseason tours, and in the past some clubs have organised welcome events for new players. Trust us, you’ll feel like an old hand within a few days and the other members will make sure there’s never a dull moment!

A great place to stay in the centre of town

We offer programmes in some fantastic cities, and we know that to make the most of your time away, you need to be right in the centre of the action. So we make sure that your accommodation is in the heart of the city - just a short walk away from all the best cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and pretty much anything else you’ll ever need.

Like minded flatmates

Having a few friends to share your experiences with is a huge part of any foreign trip – they make the whole experience loads easier and loads more fun. So you’ll always share your swish city centre accommodation with other Sport Lived participants - that way you’ll have a ready-made group of friends from the minute you step off the plane!

Career Enhancing Experiences

Your Sport Lived adventure is the perfect time to get work experience and demonstrate the skills that universities and future employers look for - your Sport Lived work experience will help set you apart.

Independence & initiative

Sport Lived will provide loads of help when you're looking for part-time work but ultimately it's down to you to get out there and make it happen. Showing a prospective employer that you've managed to find, secure and maintain a job in an overseas country is highly impressive.


Teamwork is at the heart of the Sport Lived experience. Living, playing and training alongside a new group of friends is a great way to develop strong social skills and show that you're a real team player.

Personal development

Joining a new sports club, living in an overseas city and securing a job are exciting challenges that will enable you to grow as an individual, leaving you ready to tackle whatever lies ahead after your Sport Lived experience.

Work experience

Living overseas is a great time to think about gaining invaluable work experience in a field you're considering as a career. Sport Lived participants have volunteered in hospitals, law firms and newspaper offices. Such work demonstrates commitment and initiative.


1. What type of visa do I need?

Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you would like to obtain paid work during your programme you will need to obtain an Australian Working Holiday Visa. UK citizens aged 18-30 are eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa which enables holders to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months.  It costs around £250 and can take up to 4 weeks to process so we recommend getting the paperwork sorted well in advance of your departure.

Australian Tourist Visa

If you don’t want to work in Australia you can get an Australian Tourist Visa. For more information see the Travel & Visa section in the About Us area of our site.

2. What is the standard like?

Sport Lived offer programmes for players and athletes of all abilities. Therefore, whether you play at a high standard or not, a Sport Lived programme is perfect for you. A desire to play the sport you love in a spectacular new country is all you will need!


Standard Accommodation

Choose our Standard Accommodation in Australia and you’ll live in a dorm room in a hostel or lodge. All our Standard pads are centrally located and provide easy access to public transport. This makes it easier to get to your sports club or coaching placement, as well as giving you the chance to try out all the bars, clubs and restaurants in the city centre.

At a glance:

  • Top quality hostel accommodation
  • Located close to transport and nightlife
  • Shared with Sport Lived participants
  • Meet travellers from around the world

Your place in Australia...

You’ll share a dorm room with other Sport Lived participants. You’ll get fully equipped kitchen facilities, a base for your belongings and large comfortable communal areas, so you can catch up with other Sport Lived participants and travellers from around the world.

NB: Illustrative accommodation pictures.

Premium Accommodation

Choose our Premium Accommodation in Australia and you’ll live in a 4 star apartment in the centre of town. Your sports club or coaching placement will be easily accessible by public transport and with lots of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops close by there are plenty of places to explore.

At a glance:

  • 4-star fully furnished apartments (twin rooms)
  • Located close to transport and nightlife
  • Shared with Sport Lived participants 
  • Relax! Most bills are included

Home from home...

Apartments are shared with other Sport Lived participants and include a 24 hour reception plus many mod-cons. Apartments are fully furnished including a TV, linen, kitchen appliances, washing machines, etc. They are also serviced weekly so you can spend your time having fun.

NB: Illustrative accommodation pictures.


First things first. Whether it be playing professionally, socially with mates, coaching or simply watching on the telly, Melburnians LOVE sport. It doesn't matter where you are - the heart of the city, a country town, or in the suburbs, you will not only find a pub with a TV screen, but also an enthusiastic Aussie crowd to watch the action. In terms of live sport, we have the famous Boxing Day test match, Aussie Open Tennis, Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup – Australia’s most famous horse race.

But there’s more than sport. Most importantly, the Melbourne people are an incredible bunch. There's a warm, community sense that vibrates through the city. The locals are typically laid back and welcoming. They love to show off their city and will probably insist on taking you out on the town, exchanging slang words and introducing you to their mates.

This city is famous as the home of culture in Australia and has amazing art exhibitions, markets, music and comedy festivals; shopping, nightclubs and trendy bars. Whatever your taste, you'll find places in Melbourne dedicated to people like yourself.

Top Things To Do In Melbourne

  1. Travel the Great Ocean Road
  2. Watch ‘the race that stops a nation’
  3. Catch the ANZAC Day AFL Game at the MCG

What’s included?

Sports Club
Membership to a quality sports club
✓ The opportunity to play and train with top Australian sports players

✓ Shared centrally located accommodation
✓ Choice between a quality lodge or a 4 star apartment
✓ Free internet

Overseas Staff Support
✓ Airport collection upon arrival
✓ Staff support throughout your stay
✓ Transport to the airport for your departure

A DBS check in Australia to help to get paid coaching work

Trip Essentials
✓ Sport Lived clothing
Information pack upon arrival
 Introductory travel pass
 Gym membership
✓ Sport Lived Australia handbook

Social Events
✓ Regular overseas social events e.g. surfing trips and tickets to great sporting events*
✓ Social events with your sports club
*The social events arranged for our participants are dependent upon the length and time of their programme. Our participants are informed of these social events during their programme. 

And finally…
✓ The sports experience of a lifetime!

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