Quest Prahran Registration and Key Assignment

Accommodation Policy

Quest Prahran Serviced Apartments – Sport Lived Ltd


Apartment Number:

Welcome to Quest Prahran Serviced Apartments. We trust you will enjoy your stay with us

Quest Prahran provides accommodation for a variety of guests with corporate travellers and hospital guests forming the majority of our clients. It is important to management to provide a level of quiet comfort for all visitors to the property.

Please note carefully the following behaviours are not permitted at any time:

  • Offensive or unruly/drunken behaviour
  • Noise that impacts other guests in the apartment, balcony or carpark
  • Playing music at a level which is disruptive to other guests
  • Throwing or dropping objects from the balcony
  • Unsafe or dangerous behaviour/ climbing over balconies
  • Smoking inside the apartment
  • Damage to apartments
  • Unregistered guests in apartments after 9.30pm
  • You must also ensure you maintain a good level of cleanliness and contain your personal belongings to the storage in your bedroom in order that the apartment can be serviced effectively.

Quest Prahran reserves the right to terminate accommodation bookings for those guests in breach of this agreement.

Upon arrival Quest Prahran Staff and Sport Lived guests may inspect the apartment to record any pre- existing damage.

Damages: Any obvious damage not reported on arrival will be considered to be the responsibility of Sport Lived guests and therefore associated repair costs will be their responsibility.

You are receiving the key below. (see photo of key)
Please confirm the Key Information and sign in the indicated field. This same key must be returned on your departure date

Lost Keys attract a fee of $250.00. For security reasons Quest is obligated to replace the lock on the apartment when a key is lost. This fee covers the locksmith’s call out, labour and the provision of new room keys.

Serial Number:____________________________________

Guest Signature:__________________________________

I acknowledge that I have read and understand Quest Prahran’s occupancy policy and received x1 key to the apartment.

Guest Signature _________________________________________

Guests Name (please print) ______________________________

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