Why take a gap year?


Gap years are amazing! They are an opportunity for you to discover who you are, see the world, challenge yourself, make new friends, make new discoveries, do wonderful things, grow up and change your outlook on life. You will see incredible sights, explore far off places and have stories to tell when you come home that your friends will only have dreamed about!

Time Out

You’ve been in full time education for the vast majority of your life, so it is completely understandable that you need a bit of time out before going onto further education, University or working life. Through your gap year you can take a breather, relax and spend time doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it. When else in your life will you have such boundless freedom?


Employers really value the skills developed by those who have taken a gap year. Therefore, by taking a year out in another country you can greatly enhance your employment prospects. Developing coaching skills, gaining voluntary or paid work experience, learning a language and being able to be independent by doing something new in a novel environment are all excellent ways to illustrate to employers your maturity, organisation and willingness to learn and develop new skills.


For many people, going to University is the first time that they have fled the nest. However, the skills and maturity you will have developed by having a year abroad learning to look after yourself will enable you to find the transition to university life far easier.

Sense of Achievement

The experience of travelling abroad alone or with friends is also a huge personal achievement that enhances your levels of confidence, organisation, bravery, trust and self-reliance. It is a steep learning curve and a time of discovery, during which you will have the time of your life and return home a wiser person eagerly anticipating the next chapter of your life.

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