Surf’s up!

Words Rebecca Gould

This was a trip that most were looking forward to, starting peacefully at the wildlife sanctuary (perfect for those exploring Melbourne’s nightlife the day before)!

The sanctuary was small but had a lot to offer with the array of Australian wildlife to interact with. Whilst the koalas and kangaroos are an obvious favourite the star attraction was probably Matilda the wombat with many taking the opportunity to get hands on and have a hold.

The tour continued with our guide giving us copious amounts of information on all the creatures we encountered. However, his knowledge of popular culture was questionable when introducing us to a Koala he called “Rhiannon” who liked to sleep under the ‘umbrella’…

The trip to the sanctuary ended with a chance encounter in the gift shop. A huntsman spider making itself at home in the corner. I think it’s safe to say, not many of us stayed to browse for long.

Leaving the wildlife behind, we suited up and got ourselves down to the beach. Once the boys had finished strutting their stuff and admiring their figures in the wetsuits, it began.

Confidence was high after a bit of land practice. If the instructors were concerned at the lack of elegance, they hid it well.

Once we hit the water however, it became apparent that surfing doesn’t come naturally to all! A quote from pro surfer Greg Noll “I took off on a wave, went down the side, popped out the other end and thought %$^& I’m still alive” became extremely relatable at the start of this experience! But of course, with all of us having a competitive streak, determination won and most of us were up and away riding the waves. Of course, there were a few that thought they were ready to enter the Rip Curl Pro.

All in all, this was a brilliant day and we (well most) caught the bug for surfing. Definitely gained some stories to tell the grand kids.

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