Travel FAQs

What type of visa will I need for my Sport Lived programme?

The type of visa you will need to obtain for your Sport Lived programme depends on the country you are visiting and whether you are planning to obtain paid work whilst abroad.  When you have booked your Sport Lived programme, you will receive access to your online account which contains information on the specific type of visa you need to obtain for your trip. Visas are not included in the price of Sport Lived programmes. Some visas are free but if you do have to pay for it they typically range in price from £50 - £270. We recommend you apply for your visa 4 weeks prior to your programme start date.


What medication/jabs will I need when travelling abroad?

We recommend that you contact your doctor who will be able to provide information on the medication and vaccinations you will need for each country you may visit either before, during or after your Sport Lived programme.  The following websites also provide useful information:

The National Travel Health Network and Centre:
Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad:
Foreign & Commonwealth Office:

Please note that some vaccinations and prophylaxis courses must be started up to 4 weeks before travel.  Some countries also require certificates for mandatory vaccinations.