Our coaching programmes

So, you’re passionate about sport and want to share your knowledge and experience with youngsters while travelling overseas? Get involved with a Sport Lived coaching programme and you’ll do just that. You’ll also develop as a coach, enhance your CV and help the next generation learn new skills.

Paid Coaching

You’ll be paid up to £10-£12 an hour to coach youngsters in some of Brisbane and Melbourne’s top schools. On average you can expect 5 to 10 hours of paid work a week. It’s also possible to supplement this with additional umpiring and refereeing work.  

Voluntary Coaching

Our volunteer placements give you the chance to coach in some of the southern hemisphere’s top travel destinations. You’ll work with disadvantaged youngsters at local schools and sports clubs for approximately 10 hours a week helping to improve their sports and life skills. 

Coaching Placements

Duration 4-25 weeks

We offer coaching placements in the following sports: