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Hello and welcome to the Captain’s Club!

The Captain’s Club is a website for school First Team Captains and anyone else seeking sporting inspiration. As a captain you can create a profile for your team and add as much information on it as you wish. Through this profile you can add team photos, player profiles, playlists and anything else you want to share. It will additionally enable you to check out the profiles of other top teams around the UK! As a member you will be entitled to exclusive discounts due to our partnerships with a selection of top brands.

Captaining your school first team is a wonderful achievement, an honour and a great experience. You have the opportunity to lead and inspire a group of people and gain invaluable leadership experience. Being a captain brings with it great responsibility. Therefore, the Captain’s Club website provides a brilliant library section providing you with an abundance of information compiled specifically for captains. The library will provide you with all the advice and guidance needed to help motivate you to fulfill your potential as an inspiring captain and leader.

We hope that you enjoy the website, add great content on your team and wish you as First Team Captain and your side the best of luck for the rest of the season!

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