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Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing in Australia. What programme are you on?

I am on the Winter Programme playing a hockey season out here in Melbourne, before starting the programme I traveled to New Zealand and did the East coast of Australia which I would highly recommend!

What is the hockey like in Melbourne? How is it different to the UK?

The standard of Hockey in Melbourne is high, and the games are played at a high intensity. The only major difference is culturally, such as singing a team song after every win and little differences like doing a team walk out and “3 Cheers” or as some teams call it “Ray Ray Ray” before matches which took some getting used to.

What’s been your highlight of playing during this season so far?

My highlight has been meeting new people and playing in a completely new environment, however as the season draws to an end it has recently been trying to fight out a place for finals.

Have you played in many matches whilst being over there?

I’ve been playing for Melbourne high School Old Boys, we have training twice a week with a match at the weekend, and the season lasts for approximately 5 months.

What are your team mates like?

My team mates were very welcoming when we first arrived which helped enormously when living in a foreign country, and after playing and training with the same squad for a long time you create new friendships.

What’s the best thing about being in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been a great place to live, and it is definitely up there as one of my favourite cities. Everyone is a lot friendlier and laid back than other places.

Any local knowledge about the best places to eat and drink in the city?

I’ve enjoyed going to Southbank for some food or to have a drink which is in the centre of Melbourne, it is very similar to London. However, there are also many places to grab a drink especially down Chapel Street.

Where’s your favourite place to go in Melbourne?

Everywhere in Melbourne is very accessible due to the trains and trams which is handy because the centre is always a good night out, however I have enjoyed going down Chapel Street because it is very lively.

How have the Social Events been? Any favourites?

The Social events have all been great, the ones that stand out in particular have been the Surfing Trip to Ocean Grove which is a lot harder than people make it look, and then afterwards we visited a Wildlife Park to meet some Australian animals, I’ve also enjoyed going to some AFL matches, which after some time I am finally starting to understand what’s going on! We were also very excited about going to watch the Darts, and they didn’t disappoint!

Any standout moments or particular highlights of your time?

My standout moments have been meeting new people and creating lasting friendships especially with the people that I have been living with. The nightlife in Melbourne has also been a highlight, along with playing sport at a competitive standard. I have also had a coaching job which has also been very enjoyable and fun.

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