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Dive Down Under

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Here is a question for you. What gives you regular training sessions, competitions, first-class facilities and the chance to experience one of the greatest countries in the world? The answer – a swimming gap year programme in Australia with Sport Lived.

If you happen to be a young swimmer wanting to push yourself to the next level, or simply searching for a new place to further your fervour for and love of the sport, then setting off to Brisbane or Melbourne to do either a full or mini season programme with Sport Lived is exactly what you have been looking for. Whether it is for as short as 4 weeks or as long as 27, swimming in Australia really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Certain sports always captivate the public just that little bit more when an Olympic Games comes along. Swimming is most certainly one of them and Australia just happen to have some of the best swimmers in the world. The Australian squad going to Rio is full of World Champions, Olympians and exciting young debutants. Think 5-time London 2012 medallist Alicia Coutts or Commonwealth and World Champion Mitch Larkin. Thus there could not be a better time to commence a swimming programme this September in the aftermath of the 2016 Rio Games and as the Australian spring arrives, with your appreciation of Australian swimming and passion for the sport in general at exorbitant levels.

If you were to draw up a list of the finest sporting cities in the world then Brisbane and Melbourne would both be near the top of it. The respective capitals of Queensland and Victoria are renowned for their sporting prowess. Sport is ingrained into their cultures. You won’t be able to get away from it, not that you would want to. Think The Gabba and Suncorp Stadiums in Brisbane or the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne to name drop just a little.   

So you have the terrific environment but what about the swimming itself? You will be able to train three to four times a week on top of weekend competitions. Imagine being able to do that over a six month period? It will enhance fitness, build confidence and refine technique. Participants will also often find themselves taking part in competitions in other Australian cities. Furthermore, another important consideration is the facilities that you’d be doing all of this in, with training and competitions taking place in quality indoor and outdoor pools. Indeed, participants who decide to head to Melbourne get the chance to swim in the very aquatic centre that hosted a number of the swimming events during the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Then you have the clubs. The squads who you will train, compete and build bonds with. The majority of clubs in Melbourne and Brisbane are large, with between eight to ten squads. The fact that they cater for a wide range of abilities further strengthens their appeal. Squads can compete at international, national or state levels whilst others accommodate more intermediate or social swimmers. Most significantly, they are selected principally for the first-class coaching and opportunities that they offer to club members, not to mention the social life outside of training and competitions that you can immerse yourself in.

If you love swimming and travelling, a swimming gap year programme is right up your street. A period where you can step out of your comfort zone and experience a new part of the world. A time for you to develop your swimming and enrich your enjoyment of the sport. It can be rare to come across truly wonderful sporting opportunities. Don’t miss out on this one. 

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