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Stradbroke Island: Swimming with Dolphins in Australia

• Posted in Australia / Gap Year / Misc. • By Caprice

Whilst in Brisbane this summer we stumbled upon Stradbroke Island – affectionately known as Straddie by the locals. It was a beautiful spring day in Brisbane as we decided to take a trip to the lesser-known Island along the East coast.

We leapt on the ferry at Cleveland for the short trip to the North of the Island. Our first stop was to the lookout point where there are regular humpback whale sightings. The view was magnificent, with beaches stretching for miles and the clear blue sea littered with surfers enjoying the waves. Sadly, we did not see any whales so we retreated to the café to have fish and chips!

Refueled and raring to find a beach, we made our way round the Gorge walk. Wherever you walked on the island another great photo opportunity arose as the scenery was so picturesque. When we eventually made it to Main Beach we set up camp and relaxed for a few hours.

After a few hours we decided to move, which turned out to be the best idea we had all trip. The lack of a whale sighting earlier was still a sore point for most, however this was soon to be changed. After a quick game of touch rugby on the beach we noticed a fin like shape swimming towards a small child paddling in the ocean. Warily we made our way over to see what it was….

Suddenly hundreds of fin like shapes appeared and calls of dolphins echoed around the beach. Like true Brits we waded straight into the freezing ocean to take a closer look. A pod of dolphins was swimming around the shallows; we could not believe our luck. The dolphins where extremely tame, swimming right up to our legs and dashing off to play with the others, we were spellbound. They hu­­ng around the beach playing for an hour before they headed off down the coast to feed. Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat was a truly magical experience and one that I will treasure forever.

Stradbroke Island is a great day out and I would highly recommend a trip to all participants heading to Brisbane. 

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