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Meet the Sport Lived Team: Ian Dodd

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Ian Dodd – Sport Lived Director and Gap Year Enthusiast

Ian set up Sport Lived while he was still at university, after spending his own gap year playing cricket in South Africa. Having developed the company from start-up to market leader over the last 10 years, Ian now oversees every aspect of our fantastic trips. Passionate about sport, travel, and arranging amazing sporting gap years, here we get to know the man behind the company as he answers a few of our questions…


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you set up Sport Lived:

I set up Sport Lived when I was 21 while I was a student at Leeds University. I’d played a lot of cricket & football when I was younger & I had always wanted to play sport overseas. Luckily, the cricket professional at my club arranged for me to play cricket in South Africa & I had an amazing time. The cricket was great & I travelled from Victoria Falls to Nairobi at the end of the season. I set up Sport Lived because I wanted other young people to have a life-changing experience on their gap year.


What’s your favourite sport, either to play or to watch?

Hockey – I started playing a few years ago & I really enjoy it!


Which Sport Lived programme would you most like to go on?

Full Season Hockey Programme in Melbourne


What was the highlight of your own Gap Year? And what was the worst part…?

The highlight was getting a number of articles published in the Herald Newspaper in Port Elizabeth where I worked as a journalist.  

The worst part was being rushed at by a female gorilla in Rwanda after getting too close to her baby!


Any tips for making the most of a Gap Year?

Make it happen. One the best parts of my gap year was working as a journalist at the Herald Newspaper in Port Elizabeth & this only came about as a result of a speculative application. You’ll probably only take 1 gap year so take make the most of every opportunity!

If you were marooned on a desert island, what two things would you need to have with you?    

The West Wing Box Set & a solar powered TV/DVD player


Who’d be your dream dinner party guest?

Sir Terry Leahy


What’s the best thing about running Sport Lived?

Working with passionate people who want to deliver outstanding programmes to our customers – passionate people can do anything!


To chat to one of the team about our trips, and what we can offer then get in touch at 0115 822 9999 or via

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