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Jessica Ennis-Hill - Finishing on a high

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She was the poster girl of the London 2012 Olympic games, won gold and was seen as a sporting great. She then became a mother and went on to win another World Championship and just this year won silver at Rio 2016. Jessica Ennis-Hill then became an icon in sport.

Few sports fans will ever forget the 4th August 2012 – also known as Super Saturday. Starting the day with two golds for British Rowing and finishing with three more for Athletics. Initiating the wave of success in the Olympic Stadium  was Jess. It was the second day of the heptathlon and Jess, the race leader, needed only a 13 second margin ahead of her closest competitor in the final race. With the whole of the nation not just watching on TV, but surrounding her in the stadium, she took to the track and crossed the finish line ahead of the rest of the field. She was an Olympic champion. She didn’t just win gold at that moment; she won the hearts of a nation.

Even before the London Olympics, Jess was loved. Her down-to-earth attitude accompanied by her mix of grace and stubborn determination, was a refreshing change, charming us all. Finishing top 3 in BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award four times, it’s clear that Jess has that something extra that we love. To come back from multiple injuries takes a type of grit that only the mentally tough can muster. Becoming World Champion and an Olympic silver medalist after giving birth is astonishing, and requires much more than mental toughness. It takes a great deal of courage to return after giving birth, to overcome not just the major physical changes to the body, but also the overwhelming new emotional attachment to her new-born. How she overcame these obstacles and went on to accomplish those titles is the reason Jessica Ennis-Hill is considered to be a legend.

Although she has announced her retirement from the competitive world of athletics, it is inevitable that Jess will stay continue her involvement in sport. It seems only right that she walks away by her own choice, proud of her achievements. Using her knowledge and charisma she can help develop the sport she has devoted her athletic career to. She has had an incredible career doing the sport she loves, and done it with a passion that has inspired us all. As Jess said, she leaves “on a high” having “no regrets” – therefore, what more can you ask for?

Jess’ first milestone was hit in 2006 when she won silver at the commonwealth games in Melbourne; 10 years later she won her second Olympic medal. The next Commonwealth Games is scheduled for 2018 and is returning to Melbourne! This was Jess’ first break and it could be yours too. However, if the Commonwealth Games seems a little too ambitious, or just isn’t your style, Melbourne has plenty of opportunities to experience an elite level of sports. By joining one of our programs you too could be on your way to the world stage or if not, you can experience the incredible sporting world Melbourne has to offer. You never know, it could be your first step forward toward something great.

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