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Cricket Q&A with Adam Wirth

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1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing in Australia.

My name is Adam Wirth, I graduated last year from university where I studied business management. The reason I went to Australia was that I had been in education since school and decided it was time do some travelling and experience a different culture. I’ve always played cricket playing at university in my last year which I really enjoyed, so that is why I decided to combine my travelling with playing cricket on the other side of the world.

2. What is the cricket like in Melbourne and how does it compare to your UK experiences?

As a batsman, I can happily say that it favoured the way I play (quite aggressive), nice and flat, beautiful grounds, but at times VERY HOT – 40 degrees plus, therefore, it was very different to England... Regarding the standard I was playing, I would say it was similar to what I play back in England, maybe slightly lower. However, I didn’t mind this as I was there to enjoy my cricket both playing and socially (something that wasn’t forgotten at South Yarra!!)

3. What are your team mates like?

I played at South Yarra CC whilst I was out there and I honestly could not recommend a better club. Filled with a combination of Crazy Australians, life time members, other English travellers and even a famous cricket author it was full of fun, drinking and even a bit of cricket on a Saturday...

That aside I can safely say that I have made numerous lifelong friends that I feel like I have known for years already. Straight away myself and the other Sport Lived customers that played there felt welcome and a part of the club, something I think is highly important when you are so far away from home.

4. How often do you play matches with your cricket club?

Played matches on a Saturday and trained twice a week, depending which team you were playing for you could also play on a Sunday.

5. What’s been the highlight of your cricket season so far?

So far it would be getting to the A-Grade Final (although we didn’t win). Then secondly it would be winning Batsman of the season at South Yarra, Batsman of the Season for the A Grade division and being in the divisions Team of the Year.

6. What are the benefits about being in Melbourne?

Melbourne is stunning. Great food, sights, night-life, beaches and loads of different activities available to do. I would recommend having a bike as everything is well within distance, whether it’s going to the MCG, your cricket club or even the beach. Regarding the accommodation, I stayed in premium at the Quest in South Yarra. Perfect location, the size of the flat was great and Matt & Karen were fantastic. Once again made us all feel welcome, easy to talk to, very helpful with their local knowledge and also managed to swindle a few free meals from them! (I will definitely be keeping in contact with them). 

7. What have been the best Social Events so far?

I loved the Formula 1, surfing and also going to watch my first Aussie rules game at the MCG. However, every event was great as it meant we could experience as much of what was going on in Melbourne as possible during our 6 Months.

8. Where are the best places to eat and drink in the city? Any personal favourites?

Electric Lady lounge is good on Chapel Street and Katuk for something a bit more relaxed. For our big nights out we enjoyed Billboards! Best places to eat were definitely Lucky Coq on Chapel Street for the $4 pizzas (especially good when hungover). Burgers seem to be very popular and would definitely recommend Love burger just around the corner from our accommodation. There is also a very nice steak place opposite South Yarra Station.

9. Describe your favourite memory from your trip so far.

Favourite memory would probably be my first Aussie Rules game, even though I didn’t have a clue what was going on experiencing a full MCG (85,000 + people) was something that I’ll never forget. I would also say taking my first wicket, who was the league’s leading run scorer last year has to be a highlight. As many of my team-mates will know I’m not much of a bowler however there were cries that this was the ball of the century as it pitched outside off, turned back and hit the top of leg…

Was a great experience and the support of Kathy and Jessie made it an easy transition from England into the Aussie way of life. 

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