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Brisbane Social: Golfing

• Posted in Australia / Gap Year / Misc. / Rugby Union • By Florence Morton

Guest blogger Jack is completing a Rugby Academy and Playing programme in Brisbane. Here he tells us all about the latest Brisbane social...

Bulimba golf course was the destination for one of our last social events as a group. Luckily for us the weather couldn’t have been better and it was a lovely sunny day perfect for a few rounds of golf.

We separated into groups of four, with each group teeing off from a different hole. With the course being relatively small each hole was only a par 3, so each pair had a 9-iron, a wedge and a putter. However given the size of the course we were about to find out that we would have been quite alright with just the wedge and putter. On the first hole all four of us decided to give it a go with the 9 iron, and all four of us sent the balls flying 20 meters past the first green. Not a good start. So with two lost balls on the first hole, we opted for a more conservative approach on the next few holes, although the water and tree hazards on these holes still proved rather testing. All in all the less said about the golfing ability in the first round of the course, the better.

After completing the first round it was time for some food, and being the holidaying Brits that we are, some beers to accompany the food. With burgers washed down by a couple of drinks we were ready for our second round on the course. After lunch, the second round of golf was not a thing of beauty but it was a lot of fun and we changed up the groups so we were playing with different people second time around.

All in all the golf day was a very enjoyable day and probably up there with one of the best group days out we had on the trip. The journey home consisted of a ferry ride into the city center, which gave us a great wide-angle view of the city center at sunset, a very fitting way to end a good day out!

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