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A Day in the Life: Sport Lived Melbourne

• Posted in Australia / Football / Gap Year • By Florence Morton

A veteran on the Sport Lived blogging scene, this week Adam gives us the inside scoop on life in Melbourne, and how he's found his Full Season Football programme. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing in Australia. What programme are you on?

My name is Adam and I am playing on the Full Season Football programme out here in Melbourne, with 1 month left to go until the season ends. I have played over 15 games for the senior State 3 team as the starting goalkeeper.

What team do you play for, and what are the facilities like?

I play for Melbourne Uni, along with all of the Sportlived football boys, who are spread out amongst the squads. We have one of the best facilities in the league, Princes Park, which consists of 6 pitches which we use for training and home matches, and a clubroom for changing and events such as BBQ’s and trivia nights.

What’s been the funniest moment of training so far?

Training and the banter was superb around the time of the Euro’s as there were two of the boys, who I won't name, who had some sort of bet with their team mates as to how far England would get. Being ever the optimists, they bet a crate of beer each, against a naked lap of the entire field if we didn't go further than France. Any fan of football could tell you the outcome, so it was a laugh and a moment to forget for the boys when it was payday. That was superb.

What’s been your highlight of playing during this season so far?

There have been a couple of stand out moments for myself in particular. One highlight was the game against the current league leaders, Geelong Rangers, because even though we lost 1-0 it was a great performance from the entire team, and that made it not feel like a loss at all having played them off the park. Plus we got to share that with a few of the Mini Season boys as one of their last games. Another highlight was a midweek friendly organised by our manager against a development squad side from Richmond F.C., who play in the NPL league which is the States Premier. A step up in the standard of opponent and a lovely pitch made it one to remember.

What’s the best thing about living in Melbourne? And what’s the worst...?

A few good things to mention, but having great public transport is fantastic when you find yourself living on a budget. One of the unique things about Melbourne is the hidden bars that they have, so without revealing too much its a lot of fun to spend your evenings trying to find them, and they all have different vibes and themes. It was a great time to be here during March also, as the comedy festival was on, so every night there was multiple shows with some familiar and some unfamiliar acts performing somewhere. The only downside to living here is its too hard to say no to a night out!!

How is living in Melbourne different to living in the UK?

I'm from the outskirts of London back home, and compared to that it isn’t quite as busy and chaotic. During the day it does have its moments, but the people of Melbourne, and Australia in general, are a lot more chilled and easy going, which makes it easy to see how its known as one of the most liveable cities in the world. This city is famed for its sports, not just footy, but comparing it to the U.K there isn’t necessarily one place you would relate sport to. Being out here on a sports programme its great because there is a stadium around every turn, as well as a city full of active people.

Any local knowledge about the best places to eat, drink and hang out in the city?

For the future Sport Lived guys and gals, I could write a list as long as my arm about where to go out, or eat. But I’ll keep it short and sweet.

You’ll find great food down Degraves St, great food and coffee perfect for any hangover. Chin Chin (Flinders Lane) locally known as the number one place to eat out in Melbourne. China Bar opposite China Town, open 24hours serving great traditional Chinese food at a decent price. One that I must mention is Millhouse also on Flinders lane, which offers different deals every day such as a bucket of fried chicken and a drink for $12. For nights out or even casual drinks, there are too many to mention, and I'll let the future lot find that out for themselves. But I'll mention a few which have become our second home. Millhouse on Flinders lane (Thursdays), Billboards along Russell St also a Thursday night. LUX, Enterauge or Revs on Chapel St on a Saturday have also been rather memorable.

Where’s your favourite place to go in Melbourne?

There are loads of places to spend your time here, and its all subjective, but there is no shortage of pool bars, hidden bars, parks and shopping centres to fill your day or evening. It's all about exploring as often as you can, because even having been here for half a year and being pretty pro active myself, I doubt I've covered half of what this city really has to offer.

Any standout moments or particular highlights of your time so far? What’s been your favourite social?

One stand out moment for me, was a roadtrip that me and 3 others took to Sydney and back. We all had time off from our sports, so decided to rent a campervan and drive up through the night to Sydney to meet a friend, explore and go out there, and come back 3 days later by passing through Canberra for a night. Would definitely recommend doing similar if your find yourseflf with the time, as it was unforgettable. There have been a few great socials and there are still a couple of good ones to come, but surfing was definitely a standout, because we got to live like real Aussies for a day: surf, chill by the beach and play with kangaroos. 


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