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A Day in the Life: Netball in Melbourne

• Posted in Australia / Gap Year • By Florence Morton

This week we hear from Beccy, a netball coach back in the UK, who's on a Mini Season programme out in Australia. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what programme you’re doing:

I'm Beccy, I'm 21, and I'm a bit of a netball nerd so I'm loving every second of my netball programme here in Melbourne! 

What position do you play in netball?

I came to Australia as a Wing Attack, but with the coaching from the club I'm now an improved Centre and Wing Defence too and really enjoying it. 

How does playing netball in Australia compare to playing in the UK? What’s the coaching like?

I've found that the netball here is a lot more structured, we have set plays for all situations and areas on courts, like getting up a 5 man zone for defence. As a coach myself I've throughly enjoyed the training as it's given me a new outlook on the game. I've found the coaching very positive, which is great for encouraging the team to drive motivation. The clubs and teams here have more coaches; at the club, Metro Revellers, we have a coach and a manager per team. The club also has assistant coaches and a fitness coach who attends training and matches. Our fitness coach also gave us a strength and conditioning training programme, with uploaded videos onto our facebook page on how to perform the moves and the benefits for netballers specifically. 

Have you picked up any good playing tips which you’ll be bringing back to the UK with you?

I will take back the set plays we have worked on in training, I find when a 5 man zone is set up correctly with good communication within the team, it's hard for the opposition to break through. I have also learnt a lot about the youth development Australia netball have set in place. I was lucky enough to be introduced to a coach for a local club who runs NetSetGo sessions. This is netball training for ages 4-10. I have learnt new games and drills that Austraila netball designed for this age group to develop netball skills and knowledge. 

I took part in a course run by Netball Victoria, where I gained accreditation as a Developmental Coach. This was ran by a highly experienced, recognised coach and player, a great learning experience and therefore I will be taking part in the next intermediate coaching accreditation. 

Have you managed to get any coaching work yourself while you’re out there? What has that been like?

When I first arrived, Sport lived set me up with MSI, Melbourne Sports Institute. I started working for different schools, delivering their training sessions and coaching their match fixtures. From my own accord I have gained coaching work through Victoria Netball, coaching Rock up Netball sessions (the same as England Netball's Back 2 Netball scheme) and coaching clinics where I coached alongside Liz Watson, Australia and Melbourne Vixen Player.

As I'm a coach at home, I'm learning so much from the Aussie style of coaching, which is all knowledge to take back home. 

How have you found living in Melbourne? What’s your favourite thing to see or do in Melbourne?

I love Melbourne as a city. It's a busy city with lots of cool, quirky places. I enjoy walking down the river, the bars along the river are always busy and have a great view of the city.   

What’s the best Sport Lived social you’ve been on?

It's hard to pick the best, we've had great days out! My first weekend here, we had a girls day at Brighton Beach, a great way to be introduced to the girls. The day we went on the MCG tour and the Melbourne river cruise was good, (the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where the AFL is played), Bounce, the trampoline park was pretty fun and laser quest, maybe because I won! 

Any advice for someone thinking about doing a Sport Lived programme, or for someone who might be heading out on one of our programmes later this year?
I'd recommend getting fully involved your sport, it opens up so many opportunities. I've met some amazing and inspirational people through netball. Made friends I'll always stay in touch with, I've been invited to family parties and had days out from friends and coaches I work with and have been shown places in Victoria I wouldn't have known to go to.


If Beccy has inspired you to get out to and play sport abroad, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a call on 0115 822 9999 or contact for more information on any of our programmes. 

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