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The Merits of Coaching Abroad

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David Moyes was the subject of just a bit of mockery during and after his difficult stint as manager of Manchester United. Yet credit must be given when it is due and his recent decision to head abroad to manage Real Sociedad in Spain’s La Liga certainly deserves it. Why? Simply because he, despite all his years in management, still wants to broaden his experiences and knowledge and further his ability as a coach. It is an attitude that should be particularly prevalent and strong in young, aspiring coaches. It should also be something that motivates you to do one thing – coach abroad through a gap year in Australia or South Africa with Sport Lived.

Experience is everything in sport and particularly in coaching. What new training routines can you find out about? What new tactics can you try? What other coaches can you learn from? How can you refine your man and squad management skills? How can you improve your decision-making and judgement during matches? Having the willingness and the open mindedness to learn is crucial if you want to develop into a top coach. Assess the very top managers in sport and you will see a common similarity – not just the experience that they have accumulated but their eagerness to gather new ideas and understanding. One of the greatest attributes of Sir Alex Ferguson was his ability to adapt and keep up with the changes occurring in football to stay ahead of the chasing pack. Sir David Brailsford, the man who turned British cycling into the best in the world and masterminded Britain’s first ever Tour de France success has propounded the importance of acquiring new knowledge. Heading abroad will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Indeed, coaching in a new country will give you an invaluable exposure to both different sporting cultures and different ways of playing the game you love. For example, the Australian emphasis in rugby union is to keep the ball in hand and, when possible, steer clear of the breakdown. You will not only be passing on your knowledge to youngsters but gaining it in abundance too. The adoration for and terrific attitude towards sport in Australia and South Africa is infectious and will give you the motivation to carry on pushing yourself to become the best coach you can be. The cities of Brisbane, Melbourne and Cape Town are renowned as being three of the best sporting cities in the world. They will leave you returning home a far more confident and informed coach. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity. 

Experience is not just given to you. It must be gained and grasped firmly with both hands. It is a necessity if you want to go far. All the top managers in sport have had to accumulate it, no matter how talented they were when they first started venturing into this gratifying undertaking. Pep Guardiola has won almost all there is to win in club football yet still comprehends the need to challenge himself, expand his horizons and further his understanding of football if he wants to continue to progress and achieve yet more success. It is what motivated Amelie Mauresmo to willingly take on the challenge of being Andy Murray’s new coach despite a lack of experience in the men’s game. Stepping out of your comfort zone is vital if you want to succeed as a coach. Being able to do so whilst also earning money and living in such brilliant cities is a truly thrilling prospect.

Doing a coaching programme with Sport Lived will enable you to enhance not just your tactical nous and training regimes but also your man and squad management skills. Your capacity to lead, advise, motivate and inspire will develop dramatically. As will your ability to judge what changes to make in a game, be it through a tactical switch or a change of personnel. Heading out to manage youngsters from 10 to as many as 26 weeks in these wonderful sporting countries will lay fantastic foundations for your future coaching career, giving you memories that will live long in the memory.

David Moyes realised it. And you should too. Heading abroad to coach will be a decision you will not regret. Challenging, enjoyable and immensely rewarding, a coaching programme in Australia or South Africa is your chance to take your coaching to the next level. Coach abroad - the merits really are endless.

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